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Generate a custom crime and security risk assessment for any address.

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SecurityGauge®Reports provide an instant, in-depth assessment of crime and security risks at any address.

If you need instant, objective data of the highest precision to guide your underwriting, security, site selection, and loss prevention decisions, SecurityGauge®Crime Risk Reports provide the definitive information you need to help avoid or alleviate risks, save time, and reduce costs.

  • Instant: Enter any address, and click button to generate your custom report in minutes.
  • Objective: Receive an impartial and quantitative assessment of crime risk customized for your address.
  • Comparable: Benchmarks each address to national risk rates. Rank and compare numerous locations and assist with new site selection.
  • Trusted: Accurate and trusted crime risk data for any address in the U.S. or Puerto Rico. Developed by Ph.D. scientists. Business tested. Widely used to underwrite risks, allocate security resources, justify expenditures, and evaluate alternate sites.

Isn’t it time to back your business decisions with SecurityGauge®crime risk assessments? Reduce your risk exposure by identifying your greatest crime risks.

SecurityGauge®Report Features

Each report delivers custom information available nowhere else for any address:

  • Crime Risk Rating (overall risk rating for your site)
  • Crime Risk Summary (quantifies risks for each type of crime)
  • Site Report Map (color-coded map of crime risk hot spots)
  • Crime Rate Comparisons (compares your site to the state and nation for rates of: burglary, theft, vehicle theft, homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault)
  • Risk Maps by Crime Type (6 color-coded maps reveal crime risk in your site’s proximity: Property, Violent, Burglary, Theft, Vehicle Theft, & Armed Robbery)
  • Crime Risk Trending Graphs (past, present, and forecast risks at your site for burglary, theft, vehicle theft, homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault)
  • Crime History & Forecast (past and future quantitative risk indices and a color-coded map revealing forecasted crime risks surrounding your site)
  • Perimeter Risk Factors (maps facilities near your site that may shape crime risk)