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SecurityGauge®is the only crime risk report that combines reported crime data from every agency with law enforcement responsibility in a community, not just the single municipal agency. This, along with a set of proprietary methods and processes, produces accurate and widely trusted crime risk data for any address in the U.S.

This battle-tested, proprietary approach stands in stark contrast to traditional crime risk data, which most often starts with only the reported crime from the single municipal agency in each location, ignoring all others, thus often drastically under representing the real crime risk at many addresses.

We also go below the census tract level, to deliver results with 10 meter resolution, and validate the data on 8,000+ cities and towns in the U.S. Others only go to the census tract or block group level, some only to the broad city level.

The result? Our data are superior because they are more comprehensive. This translates to direct benefits to your business and your decision-making.

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One model does not fit all

The traditional approach to predictive crime risk assessments is to build one model and apply it everywhere. Well, we’ve tried this. And it doesn’t work. Places are different. Dynamics that create crime risk are different. Assessments built this way dilute precision and have limited validation in the real world.

SecurityGauge®built more than 80 models based on similar location characteristics that represent analogous dynamics in the population, culture, and transience of the population.

Validation for the real world

Some crime data providers often validate their statistics on only a few locations, and thus results may not be universally applicable.

SecurityGauge®crime data is validated on more than 8,000 cities nationwide and has proven predictive accuracy that consistently exceeeds 90%. What’s this mean? Simply put, it means that when pairing our predictive statistics against actual incidences that occurred, our data are spot-on.

Superior spatial depth

While most data providers only offer data at the zip code, census tract, or municipal level, we build our exclusive data all the way down to each specific address using crime risk data mapped with 10 meter resolution.

Combining the richness of our data with this ultra-local scale provides unrivaled information to assess crime and theft risk for any address in the nation.

Detailed maps

We all know vulnerability doesn’t change drastically when you cross from one side of the street to the other. Why refer to maps that paint this abrupt portrait of risk fluctuation?

SecurityGauge®Reports present ultra-detailed maps that show the gradation in crime and crime risk from one property to the next. Even from one end of a parking lot to the other. Or the rear entrance of your retail property from the front entrance. We provide these detailed maps of crime risk for most major crime types surrounding your address.

Complete coverage

Our crime data cover every address in America. Built from nearly a quarter of a million neighborhoods, and modeled spatially to 10 meter resolution nationally. No address in the U.S. is without detailed crime risk statistics and maps.

Complete data

We begin our predictive models by sourcing reported crime data from all law enforcement agencies in the U.S. Why is this important to know? Simply put – because our competitors don’t do this. Most data providers source only from the municipal police departments, leaving out all the incidences that were reported by other agencies such as public transportation police, port authorities, park police, campus police, and more.

When these crime counts from other local law enforcement agencies are omitted from your risk assessment, you may be leaving out hundreds, even thousands of incidences of property or violent crimes, skewing your analyses and inevitably wasting time and money on a sub-optimal product that can hurt your business.

Whether you are underwriting, assessing the risk of property crime by address, investing in real estate, developing new commercial office space, making security decisions for your site, or making a critical site selection decision for a facility or retail outlet, SecurityGauge®Crime Hazard Reports provide accurate and complete statistics unavailable from any other source.

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