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Q. Who should use SecurityGauge®Reports?

A. Local crime rates can impact your company’s exposure to risk, real estate values, insurance rates for your facilities, the cost of security staffing and more. If your decisions regarding risk underwriting, risk management, security staffing, fraud detection, site selection, or investment strategies are impacted by crime hazards, SecurityGauge will help you make informed business decisions with instant, objective data.

Q. From where do you source your data?
Q. Can’t I get this data from the FBI’s website?
Q. How current is the data in your SecurityGauge®Reports?
Q. What does my overall crime risk rating signify?
Q. What does my Crime Risk Summary reveal?
Q. What’s in a SecurityGauge®Report?
Q. How do you build your crime risk reports?
Q. How do you validate your statistics?
Q. What are “Perimeter Risk Factors”?
Q. What do the key Indices mean?
Q. How do you predict crime for any address five years in the future?
Q. What is a Geocoder?
Q. How does SecurityGauge®compare with competition?