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Neighborhood Searches

Choosing a neighborhood can be a daunting process. Our team of expert analysts has built custom searches to help you navigate your way home. Select a search and let our neighborhood search engine instantly reveal your best matches.

Premium Search Tools: Crime, School Quality, and Home Appreciation

Three powerful factors can make or break your real estate investment: Crime, School Quality, and Home Value Trends. Learn about each and discover why enterprise corporations continue to entrust their major decisions to NeighborhoodScout’s expertise.

Community Crime Rates Neighborhood Crime Rates Discover the safest neighborhoods in any city or town before you buy a home or move. Best Public Schools Best Public Schools Discover the top rated schools in any area. House Appreciation Rates Home Appreciation Rates Know the neighborhoods in any city or town that appreciate the most - before you buy a home.

Lifestyle Neighborhood Search

Whether you are fresh out of college or planning for an exciting retirement, NeighborhoodScout’s Lifestyle Neighborhood Searches will find the best neighborhood matches to your lifestyle or your life-stage. Choose a search below, then scout your best matches in your desired location.

Families with Children Families with Children Find neighborhoods that combine good schools, reasonable prices, and a family-friendly environment. First-time Homebuyers First-time Homebuyers Uncover neighborhoods in your area that provide the best combination of price, convenience, and quality. Young, single, upwardly-mobile image Young, single,
Places friendly to young, single, and upwardly-mobile people.
Luxury Communities Luxury Communities Uncover premium areas in which to live or invest. Retirement Dream Areas Retirement Dream Areas Find the top choices and best values in any area of America. Vacation Home Locations Vacation Home Locations Discover hidden gems that offer great living, and a sound investment.
College students College students Search for college student friendly homes and communities.

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