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Identify Opportunity

Only NeighborhoodScout let’s you uncover and evaluate opportunities at the micro-neighborhood level in any market, for every address.

  • Discover locations that are ripe for high future appreciation and increased year-over-year performance.
  • Tune each property to its location and discover opportunity to increase rents and optimize tenancy.
  • Attract more clients or investors by showcasing your local expertise.

Assess Risk

NeighborhoodScout illuminates crime, demographic and valuation insights so you understand the security and risks of financing a new asset.

  • Instantly identify the stable or distressed neighborhoods that line up with your business initiatives.
  • Monitor risks looming in your existing portfolio, and quickly adjust your strategy.
  • Be equipped to price an asset more suitably for risk, promptly and accurately.
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Market Predictions Below the Zip Code

Gain a competitive advantage and be the first to witness hyper-local market movements at a scale 10X smaller than the average Zip Code.

  • Know where and when rejuvenation or degeneration is occurring.
  • Be the first to arrive when the market is about to expand, and prepared to exit before values decline.
  • Evaluate your assets regularly and shield them from the next downturn.

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“We have been using NeighborhoodScout data from Location Inc. for over 5 years. In addition to exceptional and reliable service, the quality and accuracy of the data supplied has provided a foundation for sound decisions in the residential investment property field.”

Shane Sauer , Co-Founder, RentFax


“For years, Location Inc. has been producing some of the most comprehensive and accurate location-based analytical data available on the market. From lifestyle, real estate and crime to fire risk—if you are a real estate investor, insurer, or risk professional and are unfamiliar, this is data that you should seriously consider using.”

Steve Schroeder , Co-Founder, Corelogic


“We rely heavily on NeighborhoodScout for our due diligence, and recommend it to our clients for theirs. It’s an invaluable tool for real estate investors.”

Marco Santarelli , CEO, Norada Real Estate Investments

The Truth Is In The Data

  • NeighborhoodScout Competitors
    Crime Risk Profile accessible by any address
    True Market Rent™ by number of bedrooms, by neighborhood
    Gross Rental Yield by block group
    Home price appreciation trends and forecasts at the Block Group level (10X smaller than avg Zip Code)
    Key prices drivers & impediments by neighborhood
    Neighborhood and regional Investment Opportunity Indexes
    # of High paying jobs by drive time from any Block Group
    Price per sq. foot advantage over surrounding neighborhoods for any Block Group
    Neighborhood population, income, and unemployment trends
    Patented Nationally-comparable School quality ratings
    Regional housing affordability trend: years of household income needed to buy avg house

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  • Blue Chip Index
    Rising Star Index
    Economic Health Trend
    Key Influential Factors
    Key Economic Drivers
    Real Estate Value Slope
    Proximity to High-Paying Jobs
    Historical Home Price Ratio
    Housing Stats/Supply
    Neighborhood Appreciation Rates
    City Appreciation Rates
    Education Trends
    Income Trends
    Unemployment Trends
    Population Trend by Distance
    Homeownership Trends
    Vacancy Trends
    Rent Trends
    School Quality Trends
    Crime Trends
    Crime Forecasts
  • Median Home Value
    Median Real Estate Taxes & Tax Rate
    Average Market Rent
    Neighborhood Home Prices
    Age of Homes
    Type of Homes
    Size of Homes
    Special Purpose Housing
    Years of Rent needed to Buy Home
    House Value relative to Metro
    Rent Value relative to Metro
    Median Rent by Number of Bedrooms
    Property Types
    Homeownership Rates
    Vacancy Rates
  • Neighborhood Crime Risk Index
    Neighborhood Safety Ranking
    Violent, Property & Total Crime Counts
    Violent, Property & Total Crime Rates
    Violent Crime Comparison
    Property Crime Comparison
    Chances of Becoming a Victim
    Murder, Rape, Robbery & Assault Counts & Rates
    Burglary, Theft, Vandalism & Motor Vehicle Theft Counts & Rates
    Crimes Per Square Mile
    Total Violent Crime Index
    Murder Index
    Rape Index
    Robbery Index
    Assault Index
    Total Property Crime Index
    Burglary Index
    Theft Index
    Vandalism Index
    Motor Vehicle Theft Index
  • Lifestyles
    Special Character
    Marital Status
    Gender Ratio
    Active Military
    Attending College
    Household Types
    Top Industries/Sectors
    Commute to Work - Time
    Commute to Work
    Vehicles Per Household
    Migration & Mobility
    Race/Ethnic Diversity
    Racial Diversification Index
    Unemployment Rate
    Percent with College Degree
    Percent with Advance Degree
    Per Capita Income
    Median Household Income
    Income vs. Education
  • District, School, & Classroom Enrollment Stats
    Schools in the Neighborhood
    Neighborhood/Address School Quality Rating
    District School Quality Ratings (Compared to State & Nation
    Individual School Quality Ratings (Compared to State & Nation
    Test Scores
    Enrollment Demographics by District
    Enrollment Demographics by School
    Enrollment Expenditures by District
    Enrollment Expenditures by School
    Economically Disadvantaged Stats
    Household Characteristics of Enrolled Students
    Educational Attainment of Adults
    Household Income Distribution
  • Demographics Data Unlimited
    Real Estate Data Unlimited
    School Data Unlimited
    Crime Data Unlimited
  • State Level Data (does not use credits)