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What people have to say about NeighborhoodScout

“NeighborhoodScout is an excellent product. The best I have seen!” — Eric Tyson, author of Home Buying for Dummies® and Investing for Dummies®

“The Best, Most Trusted Source for Choosing a Neighborhood” — Money Magazine

“NeighborhoodScout.com is a great application to match homebuyers and investors with their preferred neighborhoods. I haven't seen any other website that offers such a comprehensive search.” — Hua Wan, MIT

“What intrigued me was how precise and comprehensive the site's search engines are in helping consumers find neighborhoods to match their criteria and needs.” — Ron Roel, Real Estate Editor, New York Newsday

“NeighborhoodScout is one of the most interesting sites.” — The Wall Street Journal

“Terrific site and a really helpful one...It’s a winner” — Fred Turner, Stanford University

“We use NeighborhoodScout here at Harvard University and it's great! It’s a wonderful resource.” — Thomas Lee, Harvard University

“This is a cool resource. Takes my neighborhood and matches it up to a like neighborhood elsewhere, i.e. in Sacramento. I can also search by characteristics I choose, like $300k-400k, older homes, low crime, funky/artsy, walkable, etc. It pulled up 4 neighborhoods in El Cerrito and neighborhoods in Pleasant Hill, Santa Rosa, Castro Valley and 3 in Sacramento in the top ten. This site is SO cool!” — Evelyn M.

“Such a cool site! I am printing off all the neighborhoods I can. $20 is worth it for unlimited access for a whole week!” — Shannon H.

“I am re-subscribing for a year. The site and information are great! Thanks.” — Dave T.

“This is a really powerful site. Check it out. I just learned that my father lives in a neighborhood with the best possible crime rating.” — Danielle M.

“I think this is a great tool for investment purposes. It’s really informative!” — Maureen C.

“This is the best subscription program I could find!” — Harris P.

“I have been using your system to evaluate neighborhoods for buying a house or condo/townhouse in Golf Coastal Florida. I am very impressed with the system.” — Butch P.

“There is a very cool feature of neighborhoodscout where you can choose a neighborhood you like and NS [NeighborhoodScout] will find a match to that neighborhood in another area. I like Lake Oswego, so I told it to show me similar neighborhoods in San Clemente California!” — Pam W.

“I signed up for a month subscription to NeighborhoodScout.com. You can build your own neighborhood from school ranking, down to the ethnicity. It is very nice.” — Wendee C.

“Can you believe this. They can give you information about almost every neighborhood!” — Queenie P.

“This is a great website that allows you to search neighborhood ratings by what you desire from a neighborhood.” — Chris R.

“This is a great website!” — Bomi O.

“Dr. Schiller, I am extremely impressed with the functionality of your website. What a smart and ingenious use of technology.” — Melanie H.

“I love the concept of this website. We work from home and can live where we choose - but are overwhelmed with all the options. NeighborhoodScout really helps to narrow our search! I especially love the option that allows you to find other neighborhoods like say... Hilton Head, SC. This was really cool, and very helpful!” — Michelle F.

“Your site is awesome!” — Susan L.

“I think you have a fantastic resource with NeighborhoodScout!” — Leland Treebs, RealEstateCritic.com

“I joined NeighborhoodScout, which is the best site for neighborhood information according to the NYTimes, Chicago Tribune, etc. It gives you school district info, etc. If you want to know about anything from now on, we can refer to this...” — Allison B.

“I found NeighborhoodScout this morning, and thought it was pretty cool. I subscribed for 30 days. You can run different searches on neighborhoods. It gives you a lot of info like appreciation rates, schools, demographics including race, etc. and then ranks those aspects when compared with the nation and the state.” — John S.

“This is a cool website!” — Amber S.

“There are some awesome stats: check out the appreciation rate, crime rate and school data.” — Bill M.

“This site ranks and maps different towns [neighborhoods]. Very interesting site. I found it very informative.” — Jack R.

“This is a good objective site for us to use as research.” — Daniel R.

“This is an interesting site, I looked up the place we are interested in on Mineral Spring Ave. in Pawtucket.” — Ari E.

“Wow, this is really good information from NeighborhoodScout about a neighborhood near Seabrook, TX.” — Penny W.

“The data you have are terrific and the site is helpful.” — Wendy O.

“Look at the cool website I found, and what it says about Wenonah!” — Rebecca G.

“This is a VERY interesting site.” — Krissa J.

“I tried to get the neighborhood appreciation from the real estate boards with no luck. But this website is great for what you want.” — Benny S.

“This is a cool website. It found a neighborhood like our current one. Enjoy! Fun with census data!” — Laura R.

“This website is pretty good! Gives you info on the neighborhoods.” — Lori A.

“I love your website.” — Christina J.

“This is an excellent website that gives information that we need and precisely the value evolution of the neighborhood which is critical for us if we plan to buy in a not great but improving area.” — M. Ling

“This is an awesome site! You can check out various neighborhoods on the site and compare them. Pretty detailed info!” — Alana A.

“I found this cool site that I think will help us (and it’s relatively cheap)!” — Stephanie S.

“Thanks for your prompt response. I must say that your customer service is very good in general, and exceptional for a web-based product.” — Gary S.

“Cool tool!” — Jennifer H.

“My co-worker sent me 2 great websites but I think this one is better!” — Mia D.

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