NeighborhoodScout is like Consumer Reports for real estate. -J.Levy, Baltimore, MD

Our Real Estate Agent Screening Process

Sales and Service Performance - Not only has NeighborhoodScout developed a patented method for determining neighborhood qualities, but we also have created a similar screening method to evaluate the sales and service performance of local real estate professionals.

Based on thousands of client surveys and a database that is updated, pruned, and added to every 24 hours, we are able to know which real estate professionals in any local area are effective and which are not. Any provider not meeting our standards is dropped from our program.

What's in it for NeighborhoodScout?

We get paid only when you successfully buy or sell a house using your matched agent. If you don't buy or sell, we don't get paid. That's why our interests are directly aligned with yours. Our payment comes from the broker, who in turn gets paid by the seller's broker. All of this is free to you, including your cash award, and if you are a seller, the cash back you receive after the sale is the equivalent of a commission rebate. But it all depends on you being happy enough with our service and your agent to actually make a purchase or sale. That is why we are your advocate every step of the way.

Pre-screening enrollment criteria for every real estate broker in our network:

Licensing - NeighborhoodScout confirms real estate licensing information provided by member service professionals at the time of registration. Such licensing should meet the then current state or federal licensing requirements for the tasks that the member indicates it will perform in that state as indicated in their NeighborhoodScout profile.

Experience - Only experienced brokers/agents can become part of the NeighborhoodScout network and serve NeighborhoodScout clients. Agents must have five or more years of full-time real estate experience to assist our sellers, and two or more years of full-time real estate experience to assist our buyers.

Professional memberships - Brokers in the NeighborhoodScout network preferentially have active membership in select professional organizations, such as the Employee Relocation Council®, Relo®, Cendant Mobility®, Prudential Relocation®, or have received USAA® Affinity training.