Match Level

The Match Level shows the percentage match to the search criteria chosen.
90 to 100% = Excellent match
80 to 89% = Very Good match
70 to 79% = Good match
60 to 69% = Fair match
Below 60% = Poor match

For Find or Build:

If one search criterion is chosen, like Median House Value between $400-$500k, then the Match Level is how well the neighborhood matches that criterion.

If two or more search criteria are chosen, then the Match Level represents how well the neighborhood matches the complete set of criteria. For example, if the neighborhood is a 100% match to your chosen Median House Value and a 50% match to your chosen school quality, then the Match Level would be the average of the set, which is 75%.

Since the search engine finds the neighborhoods that are the optimum fit to the set of criteria you choose, selecting many criteria will reduce the importance of each one. For example, because neighborhoods with great public schools near big cities usually come with high housing costs, using the search engine to look for neighborhoods near New York City that have both inexpensive housing and top-notch public schools will likely result in your top matching neighborhoods having either great schools, but with high housing costs, or low housing costs but with inferior quality schools. The search engine will also identify any hidden gem neighborhoods that have better than average – or even exceptional schools – along with surprising house affordability. Where those exist, they will rise to the top as your best matches, instantly.

For Match:

When using the search engine to find the best matches to a neighborhood you love, the Match Level shows the percentage match to your chosen neighborhood by calculating the Match Level across more than 200 characteristics of the neighborhood. All multi-colinearity has been removed from the data by our patented algorithm. With “Match a neighborhood I love,” the search engine is seeking to find the optimum fit to the full character for your chosen neighborhood, not just a few characteristics like price or setting – we're talking everything to capture a sense of what it would be like to live in that neighborhood.