Frequently Asked Questions

NeighborhoodScout's concierge condo shopping service matches you with a top Real Estate Agent, saving you time and money in your condominium purchase.
Is there a catch?
There is no catch whatsoever. The NeighborhoodScout Concierge Real Estate Service is free to you. When you complete a transaction with the local agent or broker with whom we match you, we send you a Cash Award for using our service.
How do I sign up?
To use our Concierge Real Estate Service, just click here to fill out our online application to buy, sell, or both. It takes just a few minutes and it is free.
When will I be contacted?
Your NeighborhoodScout counselor will personally contact you within 1 business hour to match you with a top prescreened real estate agent. Once matched, your agent will contact you right away, usually the same day. If it is a weekend, please allow an extra day.
What will be the amount of my Cash Award?
Use the calculator on the bottom of this page to find out your approximate Cash Award. You could double your cash incentive if you buy and sell through the NeighborhoodScout Concierge Program! Note: Your cash incentive is based on details of the transaction and is subject to change based on the actual transaction values. These estimated Cash Award values are based on a 6% real estate commission evenly split between the buying and listing broker. If the actual commission split is different, the incentive will reflect a similar adjustment. In order to be eligible to receive a cash award through the NeighborhoodScout Find a House Program, you must buy or sell a property for at least one hundred thousand dollars or more.
Can I get 2 Cash Awards if I buy and sell through the Program?
If you both buy and sell property using agents to whom you have been matched through the NeighborhoodScout Program, you will receive a check for both transactions. You could double your Cash Award, or more!
How long does it take for me to get my Cash Award?
You will receive a check in the mail after buying and/or selling real estate with an agent to whom we matched you. The Cash Award check is most often sent to you within 6 weeks after closing of the transaction and our receipt from you of the HUD-1 document from the closing, along with your signed NeighborhoodScout Cash Voucher. Please send these items to us within 30 days of your close date, and include your correct mailing address and your Agent's name. Mail to: NeighborhoodScout Concierge Real Estate Program, Location, Inc., 86 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA 01604.
Do I have to use the agent the NeighborhoodScout Real Estate Service Program provides?
To receive your Cash Award, you must use an agent from the NeighborhoodScout network to whom we connect you.
Can I change real estate agents?
You can change to a NeighborhoodScout Network agent as long as you have not signed a legal agreement with your current agent. If you have already signed a legal agreement to work with an agent, you will not be able to use the NeighborhoodScout Concierge Real Estate Program.
Can I use an agent that I know?
If you have their name and phone number, we can check to see if they belong to the NeighborhoodScout Network. However, if you have already met with this agent regarding your upcoming real estate transaction, our service is not available to you.
Can I receive my Cash Award in any state?
Certain states require that your Cash Award be given as a full credit at closing, and other states do not permit the payment of cash incentives in real estate transactions. Your transaction will be subject to the laws of the state where the real estate is located. AL, OR, and TN require that you receive the Cash Award as a credit at closing rather than as a cash payment. Your assigned agent or broker will guide you on how to receive your full credit at closing. AK, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS and OK do not allow us to provide you with the Cash Award of this offer. Nonetheless, you are welcome to participate in the Concierge Program without the cash incentive, and get the free professional service including a dedicated personal counselor and be connected with a top prescreened real estate agent in your chosen area to help make your real estate sale or purchase a wonderful experience.
How can I get more information about the Concierge Real Estate Program?
You may contact us at:

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