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Welcome to Clark University's HomeBenefits® Program

This Program has been made available to the employees of Clark University through a partnership with Location Inc. HomeBenefits® provides you with a substantial employee benefit any time you buy or sell a house or other real estate. This helps you reduce your costs of buying or selling a home, one of the most important transactions an employee and their family can make.

Example Benefit Amounts

Home Price

Employee Benefit Received
$300,000 $1,688
$400,000 $2,250


Use the calculator at right to see how much your employee benefit can be.

The Program can be used for buying and selling a home, a vacation home, or even undeveloped land. If you both buy and sell real estate using the benefit program, you could double your employee benefit, or more.

Family members (both immediate and extended) are also eligible to use this Program and receive the full employee benefit.

Purchasing home price

Selling home price

Your cash benefit *
* estimated benefit amount

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