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NeighborhoodScout Broker Network

Primary Benefits

NeighborhoodScout provides homebuyers with the relocation services they need, and supplies our select broker network with pre-screened referrals that fuel their business.

  • Qualified Referrals - we will deliver pre-screened referrals from homebuyers and sellers who use NeighborhoodScout.com and specifically ask to be connected with a local broker to transact real estate. Every client is called and confirmed in person by a NeighborhoodScout counselor before being referred to a broker, ensuring the highest quality referrals.
  • 37.5% referral fee - there are no up-front costs to receive pre-screened referrals from NeighborhoodScout for your service areas. We charge a 37.5% referral fee when a referred client buys or sells real estate with you.
  • Information to close the transaction - our referrals contain the client's full contact information, a profile of the property they wish to buy or sell, and the exact type of neighborhood in your area in which the client wishes to buy. This exclusive referral approach helps your agents show just the right homes in just the right neighborhoods for the client, helping close the transaction.
  • The type of Brokers we want - if your brokerage specializes in relocation and is a member of the ERC®, RELO®, Cendant Mobility®, Prudential Relocation®, or has received USAA® Affinity training, than you will likely fit well with our clients' needs.
  • Limited number of Brokers - we limit enrollment to no more than three brokers in any city.
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